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Yoga Maala
4th Floor, bearhug Building,
3-13-12 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo,

She had taught yoga classes or workshops in famous studios in Tokyo, and started teaching her original yoga classes eventually.
After taking many yoga teacher's training courses, she discovered her own way of teaching flowing sequence yoga without any boundaries of yoga styles. She is especially good at VINYASA.
She has earned her a good reputation after her unique way of teaching - putting yoga practice into real urban life.
She also learned how to accept the past, present, and future from yoga for herself.
She wishes to deliver the joy and great feelings of yoga to everyone she meets through yoga.

2011, Created her own programs: Slimming Yoga, Beauty Yoga
2012 April, Opened Maaki Yoga studio in Shirokanedai, and established her own jewelry brand Ajna; describing her own taste on her original designed jewelries, as an owner designer
2013 February, Established Yoga Maala in Azabujuban
2014 January, Established Beauty Maala in Azabujuban
web maaki-yoga.com
She met yoga when she had strained her health by heavy diet and stress, and recovered health with yoga.
As she practiced yoga, she grew her interest in diet, and entered Hattori Nutrition Collage.
She mainly studied macrobiotic, basic knowledge of health conscious food, and nutritional science, and acquired chef license.
She learned Ayurvedic food, basic yoga knowledge, breathing exercise, meditation, and anatomy from Myra Lewin in Kauai, Hawaii.
After returning to Japan, she has been thriving on creating her own yoga program, teaching private yoga, diet coaching with yoga and original diet recipe, holding cooking classes, and her work as a model etc...

・Yoga Alliance RYT200
・Chef license
・Diet coaching instructor
She teaches Maternity Yoga, Baby Yoga, Kids Yoga, and Post Natal Recovery Yoga, in Tokyo, Chiba, and Nagoya.
She named her approach of enjoining the whole time before and after pregnancy, as "Birth Beauty Care".
She supports maternity women and babies, and does some PR activities as well.
She is a representative of B-land, and teaches yoga to many show-business celebrities.
In her private life, she has been married for 10 years, and a mother of 5-year-old daughter.
She also had gained 18kg during her pregnancy, after the baby was born, she was almost diagnosed as post partum depression, because her daughter was turned out to be allergic and they had to see many doctors to seek for the better cures.
After what she had been through, now she feels she could be familiar with other women's matters too.

Blog http://ameblo.jp/takko1up
Hi, my name is Tamaki.
I have been able to come this far because of yoga.
At any hard situations, I was able to get through with yoga.
I was supported by yoga and its deep wisdom.
Ever since I met yoga, I am still on the journey of yoga, but I would be very happy to share this privilege of yoga with everyone I connect.

・Indian Government Certified Teacher of Sivananda Yoga
・Yoga Alliance Yoga Arts TTC
・Traditional Thai Yoga Instructor
・Suvarna Ayurveda School Basic Course, Kitchen Pharmacy Course
・Ayurveda Therapist Course in Thrissur, India
She met yoga in 2004. She has noticed that it is possible to widen the possibilities by working on a hard tasks continuously rather than being stoic.
She started teaching yoga in 2009, with a hope that many people could feel the power of breath, and the wonder of yoga wisdom that can enrich our lives.
She has learned and been practicing Ashtanga yoga on her own pace, as well as Bhakti yoga and Nada yoga in the meantime.
While she teaches Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, without any boundaries of yoga styles, she also teaches Restorative yoga, what she thinks it is necessary for modern people.
She loves nature, and organizes Komazawa Koen Park Yoga.
She has also been invited to Yoga Fest as a park yoga instructor in as 2012.

・Yoga Alliance RYT200
・Under The Light Yoga School TT5th Generation
・YOGA-KORU Restorative Yoga TT
・Intensive Mantra Teacher Training with Anandra level1

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wakayoga
◆Peak PilatesR Full certified instructor and Level IV teacher
◆Primary Waking Association master trainer
◆Flexcushion Japan master trainer
He was born in Argentina, and has lived in Japan since 1983.
He has more than 25 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry not only in Japan but also in Asia, Europe and South America.
In 2000, he met Pilates exercise, and was emphasized with its effectiveness; to become more conscious not only on the body surface, but also on the breathing and inner muscle, and increase the whole body's physical strength.
He is now trying to grow more Pilates populations, and working on instructor training.
He also has a career as a fashion model, a main model of magazine "LEON", making the most use of his nicely shaped-up body.
Fluent in Spanish, English and Japanese.
She dedicated her childhood to horse riding and swimming, and won a prize at Junior Olympic Cup for swimming.
She met Power Yoga in 2007 and acquired RYT, while she was working as a swimming instructor.
Now she is a mother of two children who teaches yoga in famous studios and major fitness clubs.
After she gave a birth to her eldest son, she has become specialized in post baby yoga, pelvis alignment yoga, and core exercise with stretch yoga and Pilates.
He threw a new look at his life after meeting yoga in 2009, and started to look for a way of natural living.
In 2010, he became more interested in massage than yoga, and started to work as a therapist from 2011.
He learned Cranio Sacral Therapy, Senior Seitai, Qigong, Meditation, and Thai Yoga Massage training in Chiang Mai. Experienced in event organizing too.
He now works at Kokopelli Room as a massage and healing therapist as well as yoga instructor, and organizes some workshops or events.

2010 teate Therapy Advance Course
2012 CLS Thai Yoga Massage Advance Course
2013 Sivananda Yoga TTCt
2013 November Opened Kokopelli Room